"A Flower Does not Think Of Competing With The Flower Next To It, It Just Blooms"


Today more than ever I am grateful to be a woman and blessed to know many women who inspire me! It is beautiful and freeing when we accept that we ALL have "True Beauty"! That true beauty comes from the inside out. It's contagious, free, glorious, inspiring to others and you have it! Each of us have unique gifts that lead us to the best version of ourselves, when we are willing to see, appreciate, nurture and honor those gifts. When we come to the place where we truly love and accept our unique individual gifts and choose to use them, that is when we can serve and inspire others. That is our real genuine authentic and whole self!
It is like lighting our candle and when our flame ignites and is able to illuminate without depending on that match, that is when we can take our light and ignite another candle. I love being a woman and I have learned to love myself. Even more, I love inspiring women to look within themselves at what they offer the world rather than comparing themselves to what other women offer. We all have gifts and value to offer. You are inspiring someone today and every day! Rise up my friend and stand tall, you are loved and needed in this world. Women need women to example self-love and love for others!


- Dreana

The Dreana

SKU: 115737-04
    • Genuine leather clutch snake print
    • Made in Italy
    • 2 Zip Closure
    • Back and front same look
    • Magnetic button on the bottom inner sides
    • Detatchable and adjustable shoulder strap
    • Size in cms : 24x3x16
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