"Wrapped up in “The Stacy” is a mixed bag of blessings, failures, pride, dreams, sass, laughter, lessons learned, love and excitement.  Every week there are ample experiences to refill my bag."


I’ve always tried hard to live the best life for me and my family.  Putting them a head of myself, always.  We as woman lose sight of our dreams as we build and mold our children for success.  I pride myself on helping and smiling at others.  Fighting to continue a positive outlook in every situation.  There are many of days when I’m exhausted and can’t wait to throw on my favorite PJ’s and relax at home, but there are others  that the excitement of getting all fancied up  to meet up with my group of strong women and unwind from my  crazy week of struggles.

I’ve had tons of success.  Mostly, I feel come to me through my husband and my children.  Also, many of hard aches as I mourn the loss of my first niece to addiction.  I’m a daughter, mother, wife, cook, housekeeper, peacekeeper hard worker, lover and friend.  But mostly I’m proud of the strength God has given me.

When you wear the Stacy Bag, I hope you feel strong, sporty and confident and most importantly let everyone see your light.


- Stacy

The Stacy

SKU: 222031-DG
    • Genuine Leather Handbag
    • Made in Italy
    • Two compartments with zip closure
    • Adjustable external shoulder strap in leather
    • Fabric interior with courtesy pocket
    • Size in cms : 34x25x15
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